My history as an artist goes way back. As a youngster, I remember faking that I was sick, so I could stay home from school and indulge in my coloring books. I always excelled at art far more than any of my other classes.

Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, I realized after high school and a couple years at the city college, that I needed to leave town in search of my true calling.  After vacillating in unhappy secretarial jobs and out of desperation, I left my hometown and embarked on my journey to the East Coast with nothing more than my suitcase.

Continuing to work in the corporate world and a couple years as a real estate agent in Boston, the dissatisfaction persisted. Taking a leap of faith, and putting all fear of the  “starving artist” aside, I enrolled full time at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts.  I was finally in my element and found a happiness I never found before. Graduating in the late 80s with a Bachelor of Fine Art, I eventually returned to California, where my devotion to painting has thrived ever since.

I love using oils for their luxurious texture. I begin my creative process outdoors, letting my imagination roam as I immerse myself in the surroundings, seeking to capture the essence of the scene. Nowadays, I mainly paint in my studio, using my field photographs to memorialize my observations, then adding my own imaginative touches. I get such a pleasure from pushing artistic boundaries with vivid hues and densely applied paint with my brush and palette knife, a style heavily influenced particularly by artists Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn.

Presently residing in the coastal town of Ventura, California, I take immense pride in knowing that my original works and reproductions adorn the homes of my customers and collectors around the world. Several hospitals, including the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, have integrated many of my originals and reproductions as permanent installations. Knowing that my art serves as a source of hope and healing for patients, visitors, and staff for years to come fills me with an unparalleled sense of fulfillment.

Ultimately, my aim is to inspire joy and creativity in others through my art, just as it continues to do for me.