Growing up in Santa Barbara, California my earliest memory of creating art was when I was just a baby, drawing with crayons on the walls or any surface I could find.

Taking advantage of a fine art education in the late 80’s at the New England School of Art & Design and Montserrat College of Art, in Beverly, Massachusetts, I have been painting prolifically ever since. My paintings and prints are now gracing walls throughout the world.

Reflecting back to when painting was nothing more than a hobby, all I did was paint and fill all my home’s wall space with them. My friends were amazed at all the art, and after some encouragement, I had my very first art show in 1990 in Rockport, Massachusetts where I was living at the time. There, I sold my very first two paintings and realized that I needed to sign them!

A few original paintings and many prints are permanent fixtures throughout the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California and at some other hospitals. To have my work on public display permanently and being part of the contribution in evoking messages of hope and healing for the patients, visitors, and staff of this institution has been the truest gift of all for me.  Furthermore, I am grateful that I have this passion and purpose and wish for all of you to get an inspiration and a joy from my paintings like I do in creating them.

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