From my earliest memories as a baby, I found sheer delight in scribbling with crayons

wherever I could reach, foreshadowing my enduring connection to artistic expression.

Even as a child, I eagerly anticipated not feeling well so I could stay home and immerse myself

in coloring books.

After growing up in Santa Barbara, California, I embarked on a journey to the East

Coast. Despite years in the corporate world, I remained dissatisfied. In the mid 80’s, I

took a significant step and enrolled in the esteemed New England School of Art &

Design and Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Following my graduation, I

returned to California and my proliferation of paintings has grown ever since.

My chosen medium is oil paint. I love the thick buttery consistency of it for expressing

the beauty of California that surrounds me. My creative process starts outdoors, where I

immerse myself in my surroundings. It’s in these moments of profound connection that

my imagination takes shape, considering how best to capture the essence of the scene

before me. I often rely on photographs taken in the field to guide my interpretation, or to

assist in preserving the memory of what I observed. I take pleasure in pushing the

boundaries with bold colors and thickly applied paint. My time in art school deeply

influenced me, especially the bold colors and thick impasto style of painting associated

with Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn.

Currently settled in the lovely beach town of Ventura, California, I take pride in having

my original works and prints featured in various hospitals, including the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Knowing that my art can convey messages of hope and healing to patients, visitors, and staff is a

priceless gift.

My ultimate aspiration is to instill joy and inspiration in others through my art, just as it

continues to do for me.